About us

With PASSION, LOVE and CARE … we created NEOTIS.
We beleive in pure ingredients from carefully selected origins. We are NEOTIS.

Exceptional and exclusive variety MANAKI.

During the creation of this completely unique product of the NEOTIS brand, we devoted several years to every detail, the combination of which now creates a completely unique product based on a unique friendship and the desire to bring a quality product to every home to all of you who appreciate its quality and our efforts to deliver it to your table. Thanks to the long-term life of one of us in Athens, Greece, we had the opportunity to try and test many suppliers of quality Greek olive oil and mutually create this idea, which started the process of developing this almost family brand NEOTIS and thus the distribution of a unique product beyond the borders of Greece. By working together, we were able to achieve that even domestic Czech customers will have the opportunity to take their kitchen and quality of life to a completely new level. We have selected for you the best of the Greek production of olive grove growers, and as the very first on the Czech market, we are working together on the development and distribution of extra virgin olive oil of the rare MANAKI variety. For its highest quality, including the method of processing, richness in natural resources and unique taste, which you will use in everyday life for the preparation of cold and heat-treated dishes, we are happy to guarantee you with all confidence in it.